About us…

The Kingsway wellbeing Project is a charity which was set up in 2018 by three enthusiastic trustees who are passionate about supporting people in the community to access health and wellbeing classes in a friendly and supportive environment but at a low cost.  The trustees were aware that there are a number of barriers that people face when trying to improve their own health and wellbeing.  The aim of the healthy living hub is to work with the community to identify what support people need and find funding opportunities to enable us to implement these services.

In recent years the Charity has started to work in Partnership with the City Cluster, which is made up of 8 GP practices working together with partners from key local authority departments, the voluntary sector and other individuals with an interest in improving the health and wellbeing of the local community.  The City Cluster will be working with the charity in 2022 to support the development and expansion of the Hub.

The aim of the healthy living hub is to:

  • support the local community to develop a healthy lifestyle through prevention programmes and promotion of self-care.
  • Improving health and wellbeing across the age spectrum, fucusing on access to low cost exercise and wellbeing classes.
  • Coproduce, design and implement services in partnership with the community
  • Demonstrate proof of concept, evaluate and redesign services offered as necessary